I have been singing Yiddish songs for over 35 years. I sing in the London Yiddish Choir.

More recently I have been setting Yiddish texts to my own melodies and have set up this website in order to allow access to these settings.

Most of my settings are from the great Yiddish poet and songwriter Mordecai Gebirtig, in particular from the posthumous book of his poems ‘Mayn fayfele’.

There are also some settings of poems by Avrom Sutskever.

I have sung most of these songs at the Yiddish Open Mic Cafe in London and online.

I would like to thank many people from the world of Yiddish for their support and encouragement, among them Polina Shepherd, Daniel Galay, Stephen Ogin, Shura Lipovsky, Rachel Weston, Vivi Lachs, Beyle Borts, Phil Tomlinson and the late Chaim Neslen.

Above all I would like to thank my wife Raquel Paiva Heiser.