It will soon rain

באַלד װעט זײַן אַ רעגן

This is a setting of a short poem by A Lutski.

It will soon rain – paper will become wet. But the sun laughs and says it was just a joke.

Its date of composition is 2017, it was sung at the JMI Yiddish song school in that year. Thanks to Joseph Finlay for accompanying and Shura Lipovsky and Lorin Sklamberg for their help and suggestions.


It will soon rain
So tells the street
All the houses look out
Shocked and wet

A piece of paper floats around
And makes a noise in the street
Help ! Help !
I will get wet

A ray of sun looks out from the sky
And stays on the street
And laughs
And laughs
It won’t rain
It was only a joke

Bald vet zayn a regn
Azoy dertseylt di gas
Kukn ale hayzer
Dershrokene un nas

Trogt zikh a papir
Un liaremt in di gas
Gevald Gevald
Ikh vel vern nas

Kukt a zun fun himl
Shtel zikh op di gas
Un lakht
Un lakht
Es vet nisht zayn keyn regn
Nor gemakht a shpas

בֿאַלד װעט זײַן אַ רעגן
אזױ דערצײלט די גאַס
קוקן אַלע הײַזער
דערשראָקענע און נאַס

טראָגט זיך אַ פּאַפּיר
און ליאַרעמט אין די גאַס
געװאַלד געװאַלד
איך װעל װערן נאַס

קוקט אַ זון פֿון הימל
שטעל זיך אָפּ די גאַס
און לאַכט
און לאַכט
עס װעט נישט זײַן קײן רעגן
נאָר געמאַכט אַ שפּאַס