It is already night

עס פֿאַלט שױן צו די נאַכט

The poet says that the sun will soon go down. He has used his day well and there will again be joy from life’s splendour, but for today it is already night. Perhaps this song has less of a dark tone than some of the others.

This setting was composed in summer 2020 and first performed at the online Yiddish Open Mike.

Source: Mayn Fayfele, page 110

The sun will soon go down
It will soon be night
How joyful and happy
I was during the day

Today my day is done
I have used the time
In the well of enjoyment
In the wave of cheer and joy

There will again be profit
From life’s joy and splendour
The sun is already going down
It is already night

Di zun, zi geyt bald unter
es falt bald tsu di nakht
Vi gliklekh un vi freylekh
hob ikh dem tog farbrakht

S’iz haynt mayn tog gevezn
kh’hob oysgenitst di tzayt
in kval fun fargenign
in shtrom fun lust un freyd

Es vilt zikh nokh genisn
fun lebns glik un prakht
Di zun, zi geyt shoyn unter
es falt shoyn tsu di nakht

די זון, זי גײט באַלד אונטער
עס פֿאַלט באַלד צו די נאַכט
װי גליכלעך און װי פֿרײלעך
האָב איך דעם טאָג פֿאַרבראַכט

ס’איז הײַנט מײַן טאָג געװעזן
כ’האָב אױסגעניצט די צײַט
אין קװאַל פֿון פֿאַרגעניגן
אין שטאָרם פֿון לוסט און פֿרײד

עס װילט זיך נאָך געניסן
פֿון לעבנס גליק און פּראַכט
די זון, זי גײט שױן אונטער
עס פֿאַלט שױן צו די נאַכט