Enough of weeping

גענוג געװײנט

In the final song of the cycle, Gebirtig says he has had enough of sad songs; they are now as distasteful to him as to his audience. He will now sing a happy little march. The listeners will then become weak with joy and laugh until they cry.

This setting was composed in summer 2020 and first performed at the online Yiddish Open Mike.

It was submitted to the Bubbe Awards for an original Yiddish song.

Polina Shepherd taught it in her ‘Sing with Me’ online Yiddish song course – with thanks to her here is the link to the session.

Source: Mayn Fayfele, page 115

Enough ! An end ! I will not sing
Sad songs anymore
They are now repugnant to me
As they are to you

I will sing happy songs
A little march, a real one
You will hold your sides
And cackle with laughter

Enough weeping, you will now hear
A happy song from me
You will then become faint
And laugh until you cry

Genug ! A sof ! Ikh zing nisht mer
keyn umetike lider
Zey zenen mir, azoy vi aykh
gevorn shoyn dervider

Kh’vel zingen lider freylekhe
A marshele an ekhter
Di zaytn haltn vet ir zikh
Un kaykhn fun gelekhter

Genug geveynt, a freylekh lid
Vet ir fun mikh itst hern
Ir vet fun freyd azsh khaleshn
Un lakhn biz tsu trern.

גענוג ! אַ סוף! איך זינג נישט מער
קײן אומעטיקע לידער
זײ זענען מיר, אַזוי װי אײַך
געװאָרן שױן דערװידער

כ׳װעל זינגען לידער פֿרײלעכע
אַ מאַרשעלע, אַן עכטער
די זײַטן האַלטן װעט איר זיך
און קײַכן פֿון געלעכטער

גענוג געװײנט, אַ פֿרײלעך ליד
װעט איר פֿון מיר איצט הערן
איר װעט פֿון פֿרײד אַזש חלשן
און לאַכן ביז צו טרערן